This is a hold created to showcase three different organizations within Edmonton.  $25 of each hold purchased will be donated by Hangdog Holds to the chosen outreaches, so not only do you get a beautiful, dual-texture hold, your purchase will go towards helping provide support in different communities. 


Boyle Street Community Services:


An act of kindness doesn't need to be elaborate to make a difference.  This simple design says "Thanks, I needed that", in hopes to remind us that a small moment of giving might be exactly what someone needs.  The Boyle Street Community Services has been aiding community members affected by poverty and homelessness since 1971. 


WILDNorth: Northern Alberta Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation


WILDNorth provides compassionate care for injured, orphaned, and contaminated wildlife. They provide rescue, urgent, and critical care for these animals of Northern Alberta. WILDNorth is a non-profit charity and accredited limited-scope veterinary practice. They provide care for wildlife 7 days a week/365 a year. WILDNorth also works hard to educate the community on how to coexist in harmony with wildlife through their education programs.


Pride Centre of Edmonton


The Pride Centre of Edmonton provides a safe and supportive environment of the LGBTQ2S+ community. Creating a space that welcomes everyone, they offer services and programs that promote inclusion and diversity in Edmonton and surrounding area. 



Each Humanity Hold is an artistic reminder to choose kindness to our fellow humans and to support wildlife, as we climbers often share the space of their natural habitats .  Due to the nature of the holds, they may have small imperfections, however will still provide a fun and comfortable grip to climb on.  6.5" x 4.5"

The Humanity Hold

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